Introducing Thalia: Premium and iconic sparkling wines from cool climate Tasmania

Introducing Thalia: Premium and iconic sparkling wines from cool climate Tasmania

Fogarty Wine Group was thrilled to announce the launch of its new, premium Tasmanian sparkling wine label, Thalia in September last year.

The Thalia sparkling range includes three exceptional wines: NV, Rosé and Reserve Cuvée. The wines are handcrafted using the traditional method with an unwavering dedication to quality – a true reflection of Tasmanian excellence. This excellence is also reflected in the stunning, elegant Thalia packaging.

The name originates from the Greek mythology figure Thalia, the goddess of comedy, dance and idyllic poetry. Thalia is represented as a joyful, elegant figure and was one of the nine Muses, portrayed with a smiling mask and crown of ivy. Always one to incite laughter and joy, Thalia is the inspiration for this exceptional sparkling range which brings effervescent joy to any occasion.

The Thalia NV, Rosé and Reserve Cuvée redefine the finest sparkling wines from Tasmania and reflect the pristine environment and terroir of Australia’s coolest winemaking region. The wines have already received awards and reviews with the NV Rosé awarded two Gold Medals and the Reserve Cuvée two Silver Medals at Australian wine shows this year. The NV and NV Rosé were also highly reviewed by Tyson Stelzer in the Halliday Wine Companion 2023. On the NV Rosé Tyson said, “A serious newcomer to the sparkling rosé set … Racy, young Coal River Valley pinot noir makes for an energetic spine of crunchy strawberry hull and lemon, with an air of rose petals. An elegant apéritif, unashamedly all about primary fruit over texture or complexity, yet still achieving a classy mouth feel and inherent balance.” 

Chief Winemaker Liam McElhinney’s passion for cool-climate winemaking brought him to Tasmania in 2019 where he joined the Fogarty Wine Group at Tasmanian Vintners. Liam’s Tasmanian wines have attained critical acclaim, and he is now extremely excited to be producing the Thalia sparkling wines from some of Tasmania’s most exceptional vineyards.

I’m really excited to be launching this very special range of sparkling wines. Each of the Thalia wines offer a unique window into just how amazing Tasmania can be for world-class méthode traditionnelle. From the freshness and instant appeal of the NV, to the complex toastiness of the Reserve Cuvée, these wines showcase just how important careful viticulture, meticulous winemaking and patience is when crafting superb sparkling wines,” Liam said.

The Fogarty family are very excited to pay homage to their Tasmanian roots through the release of these premium sparkling wines from a truly remarkable region.

Thalia Awards:

Thalia Reviews:

Thalia NV

“The new-entry cuvée for the Fogarty Group's Tasmanian sparkling operation is crisp, fresh and fruity, built around cool, Tasman Peninsula Pinot Noir. Crunchy red apples, strawberries and lemons are the theme. Clean, precise and well put together, this is a well-balanced apéritif, more about fruit than texture or complexity. It will appreciate a little bottle age to build depth.”

90 Points, Tyson Stelzer, Halliday Wine Companion 2023

Thalia NV Rosé

The palest of blushes in the glass with aromas of red apple, cranberry and raspberry along with hints of tart tartin, biscuity spice, roasted cashews, lemon butter, white flowers and stone. There is lovely red-fruited richness and a swell of biscuity complexity that expands before being reeled in by crystalline acidity scooting off for a sustained finish.

– 94 Points, Dave Brooks, Halliday Wine Companion 2024

Thalia NV Reserve Cuvee

Light straw with an energetic bead and characters of green apple and citrus fruits along with creamy, biscuity tones and hints of white flowers, fresh brioche, grilled almonds, apple pastries and soft spice. Bright with a biscuity edge, a light gingerbread note and a creamy lemon curd note on the sustained finish.

– 93 Points, Dave Brooks, Halliday Wine Companion 2024

To browse the Thalia collection, please click here.

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