LANGTONS Classified: Deep Woods Estate Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

LANGTONS Classified: Deep Woods Estate Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

We are very happy to announce that the Deep Woods Estate Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon has been selected alongside 100 of Australia's most iconic and collectible wines, awarded a prestigious Classified in the 8th edition of the exclusive, highly respected LANGTONS Classification.

With a brand new Classification system introduced in the latest LANGTONS edition, wines now fall under two classifications (previously three): First Classified (the most highly prized of all Australian fine wines, representing generations of effort and character of place) and Classified (the best of Australian winemaking practices, vineyard provenance and regional voice).

The Deep Woods Estate Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon was listed in the Classified tier, alongside 88 other wines, with just 21 wines awarded a First Classified - effectively listing the top 100 most sought-after wines in the country. The Guide notes:

"The Deep Woods Estate Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon is an emerging classic. This medium-bodied style is imbued with power and elegance, pure fruit definition, dried sage and bay leaf accents and fine-grained grape tannins melded to integrated savoury oak."

Speaking on the LANGTONS Classification, Michael Anderson, Head of Auctions and Secondary Markets, said:

"Being recognised on the LANGTONS Classification is about more than just making great wine. It ensures that those included are considered by critics, collectors and fine wine aficionados alike, as at the very top of their game. Internationally, the Classification offers winemakers and winemaking regions the opportunity to benchmark themselves against the greatest and most traded wines in Australia. A stylistic form guide for what styles and techniques are hot and what names to keep an eye out for ... The new edition brings with it a simplified system, bidding farewell to the three tiers of its historic incarnation. Comprising 100 wines, every wine is LANGTONS Classified."

For those who aren't familiar with the LANGTONS Classification, their newly designed website describes this guide in more detail:

"LANGTONS Classification is Australia’s most respected secondary market guide to fine and luxury Australian wines. The Classification comprises the most sought-after Australian fine wines based on their strong track record at auction. First published by LANGTONS in 1990, the Classification has become an essential resource for collectors, investors, and enthusiasts seeking to navigate the Australian wine market effectively. The Classification is based on demand at auction. The Classification is not based on the subjective opinions of wine experts or LANGTONS auctioneers. It is a true reflection of the zeitgeist of the Australian fine and luxury wine market. LANGTONS Classification lists wines of pedigree and enduring appeal and is, therefore, the most reliable guide for buying and selling fine and luxury wines in the Australian secondary market."

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To read the 8th Edition of the LANGTONS Classification, click here.

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