Top Australian Chardonnay
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Top Australian Chardonnay

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A curated selection of highly awarded Chardonnay wines from around Australia with an incredible tally of 12 trophies and 21 gold medals.

1 x Deep Woods Estate 2022 Reserve Chardonnay

1 x Millbrook 2021 Single Vineyard Chardonnay

1 x Evans & Tate 2020 Redbrook Reserve Chardonnay

1 x Evans & Tate 2021 Redbrook Estate Chardonnay

1 x Lowestoft 2019 Chardonnay

1 x Dalwhinnie 2021 Mesa Chardonnay

Deep Woods Estate 2022 Reserve Chardonnay Awards

Sydney Royal Wine Show 2023

Royal Hobart Wine Show 2023

Royal Queensland Wine Awards 2023

James Halliday Australian Chardonnay & Cabernet Challenge 2023

Deep Woods Estate 2022 Reserve Chardonnay Reviews

Erin Larkin, Robert Parker Wine Advocate 2023

The quality of the 2022 vintage meant that very little fruit got downgraded from the Reserve level. The quantity in this low-yielding vintage was healthy (1,000 dozen with new vineyard resources online). I maintain that this cuvée is released too early (November the year following harvest) to show its pedigree and potential, of which it is abundantly endowed. So, this 2022 Reserve Chardonnay leads with almond meal, toasted peach, apple skins and preserved citrus. There are hints of sandalwood, clove, cut fennel and star anise. The fruit in the mouth plumes around the skeleton of phenolics that shape the flavor through the finish. It is textural and complex, detailed and fleshy. This is very good! Will be better! 

95 Points 95

Millbrook 2021 Single Vineyard Chardonnay Awards

Swan Valley Wine Show 2022


Perth Royal Wine Awards 2022


Perth Hills Wine Show 2022


Royal Queensland Wine Awards 2022


Wine Show of Western Australia 2022


Millbrook 2021 Single Vineyard Chardonnay Reviews

Erin Larkin, Halliday Wine Companion 2023

Delicious, as usual. This is warm and round and welcoming – it has salted yellow peach and Golden Delicious apples by the bagful. The nashi pear and white choc through the finish is close to glorious, and leads in to jersey caramels ... yes. It all shows how wonderful Geographe chardonnay can be. It is sunny and bright, even in this cool 2021 vintage.

93 Points 93

Ray Jordan, WA Wine Guide 2023

The single vineyard is Kim Robinson’s Talisman in the Ferguson Valley. It’s a vineyard characterised by powerful punchy fruit. In this case it has been harnessed expertly so that the power is evident but it’s finished with a fine acidity. A citrussy chalky edge keeps it taught and focussed.

93 Points 93

Evans & Tate 2020 Redbrook Reserve Awards

perth royal wine awards 2023


Best Wine of Show
Best White Table Wine
Best Western Australian Table Wine
Best Western Australian White Table Wine
Best Chardonnay

perth royal wine awards 2022


Best White Table Wine
Best Western Australian White Table Wine
Best Chardonnay

Margaret River Wine Show 2023


Halliday Chardonnay & Cabernet Challenge 2022

Royal Sydney Wine Awards 2022

Royal Hobart Wine Show 2022

Royal Hobart Wine Show 2021


National Wine Show of Australia 2021


Margaret River Wine Show 2021


Royal Queensland Wine Awards 2022

Wine Show of Western Australia 2021

Evans & Tate 2021 Redbrook Estate Chardonnay Awards

Sydney Royal Wine Show 2023


The AP John Coopers Perennial Trophy for Best Chardonnay
The Albert Chan Memorial Prize for Best White
The Tucker Seabrook Perpetual Trophy for Best Wine of Show

James Halliday Australian Chardonnay & Cabernet Challenge 2023


Overall Trophy for Best Australian Chardonnay
Regional Trophy for Best Margaret River Chardonnay
Top Gold - 97 Points

National Wine Show of Australia 2023

Perth Royal Wine Awards 2023

Wine Show of Western Australia 2023

Margaret River Wine Show 2023


Royal Hobart Wine Show 2023


Lowestoft 2019 Chardonnay Reviews

Halliday Wine Companion 2022

Hand-picked fruit from the Tasman Peninsula, Coal River and Tamar Valleys. Fermented on full solids and matured 10 months in 35% new French oak hogsheads. Launching Tasmania's most exciting new premium label, the Fogarty Group sure has hit the ground running. This is pitch-perfect chardonnay that embraces the generosity of a warm season and frames it intricately in crystalline acidity, top-class oak and just the right whif of struck-flint reduction. Masterfully assembled and a joy to taste for the first time.

96 Points 96

Dalwhinnie 2021 Mesa Chardonnay Reviews

Jeni Port, Wine Pilot, August 2023

Before the first glass is broached, the first question here has to be: What is MESA? I looked it up, so you don’t have to. It’s Spanish for table. Spanish explorers of the American southwest used the word to describe the flat-topped hills they came across that looked like the tops of tables. The hills had steep sides worn down by erosion. Anyone who has visited the imposing 595m slopes of the Dalwhinnie vineyard at Moonambel will note a certain similarity. Dalwhinnie Chardonnay was – and is – the producer’s great white. A change of ownership to the Fogarty Wine Group in 2020 has seen the variety get a re-charge under chief winemaker, Julian Langworthy. The sense of power and substance remains, intertwined with a lovely elegance. It’s there from the first sniff of freshly zested lime, lemon curd, peach and cashew nut with a splash of quince paste. This is no lightweight. There are layers of fruit and oak to explore, buttery and textural in mouthfeel with a solid reserve of stone fruit at its heart. That citrussy fresh acid ping brings everything into focus. This wine gets your attention.

93 Points 93

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